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Why Choose Us!

Why You should go with,
Yates Sprinklers?


Valued Clients

Since we came in the Irrigation market, Irrigation System became very delightful in Ottawa.


Experts Ready for Gardening

We have a team of experts, always ready to serve our valuable customers without any compromise.


Revenue in Last 3 Years

But before drawing up any plan for irrigation, we sit down and talk with you about your ideas.

How we Commit to you?

C: Communication


We COMMIT to initiating contact with our clients and each other to ensure a smooth path. We will meet regularly to discuss new ideas, current schedules and future plans. And have fun!

O: Organization


We COMMIT to having a PLAN, to a professional appearance and attitude AT ALL TIMES, and to doing what we say we will do. We will initiate rather than wait for someone else to ask us or do it for us. We strive to BE PREPARED, anticipate problems before they happen, and identify ways to go the ‘extra mile’ for our clients.

M: Maximum Efficiency


We COMMIT to being a Cutting Edge, High Efficiency company. We lead our industry with our Quality, Integrity, Water Saving Innovation and Client Satisfaction. We commit to using the appropriate technology to reduce paper use while providing the best customer experience. We WILL preserve the client’s “Living Landscape” in the most water efficient manner, using HE products and techniques whenever possible.

M: Masters Of Our Trade


We COMMIT to a continual training process to the benefit of all. We will maintain a competitive advantage by ‘designing in’ QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM in all our processes, setting high standards, and producing the highest quality finished product. We will provide added value to our clients by exceeding their expectations consistently and reliably.

I: Integrity


We COMMIT to honesty, integrity and we communicate on an open and direct basis. We will treat people the way we want to be treated. We also recognize the value and importance of being involved in the community.

T: Teamwork


We COMMIT to being open to all ideas and suggestions that can be used to improve our performance both as Yates teammates, and as a company. We foster creativity and new ideas. We involve employees in decision making and problem solving. We set high expectations for ourselves. We evaluate our work daily to identify areas for improvement that will further enhance our clients’ satisfaction. We recognize and reward a job well done.

Our Quality Services

Premium Equipment

Yates Sprinklers owns and maintains an extensive selection of quality irrigation machines and tools.

Superior Materials

We use only the finest hardscape elements, treatments and plant materials.

Knowledgeable people

Our staff members have the skill, experience and know-how to get any landscaping job done right.


Our irrigation technicians closely monitor sprinkler systems, minimizing water waste and runoff.

Your Garden Needs a Bit of Irrigation? Choose Us Now!