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Maintenance Package Visits, what’s included:

at Yates Sprinklers, We are delivering Quality service of work. We Regularly Provide maintenance to Our installed Irrigation Systems. We also provides various kind of maintenance srevice packages that our regular customers liked most. All Maintenance packages are reliable and co-operated with our services. You can find what we include in and how we provide our maintenance package.

Spring Startup


1. Introduce water into your system at a controlled rate to avoid water hammer damage.
2. Inspect all operations of your automatic controller.
3. Program zone times for efficient use of water.
4. Replace dead back-up batteries with fresh batteries (if required) so that a power failure won’t wipe out your programming.
5. Inspect your zone control valves for winter damage and leaks.
6. Inspect all of your sprinkler heads, checking for leaks, plugged nozzles and slow rotation.
7. We check for frost heave that would cause a lawn mower to destroy the head.
8. Inspect the operation of your rain sensor to ensure your system will not water unnecessarily.
9. Perform minor repairs if required. If our technician determines that service or repairs will exceed $500.00, or if renovations are recommended but not required, you will be contacted to discuss the work before we would proceed.

Scheduled Check-ups


1. Perform a complete inspection of all system components as per Spring Tune-up. (Steps 2-9)
2. Inspect your lawn and garden areas for dry spots and make the necessary adjustments.
3. Reprogram your controller for the current seasonal conditions based on historical weather data.



1. Use a high capacity air compressor so that we have the volume and pressure required to blow the water out of farthest sprinkler.
2. Take care to prevent any sudden burst of air that may cause your fittings or sprinklers to separate.
3. Ensure that the air speed is great enough to blow out the water, but not enough to cause thermal damage to your pipes.
4. Note any deficiencies so that they can be repaired in the spring.

Irrigation Designs

We providing superior Irrigation systems, services, quality work, and attention to detail.

Irrigation Installation

Followed by the Design of the System, we Install the system in the best way to avoid failures.

Irrigation Maintenance

We Provide Maintenance to the System on the regular basis to avoid interruption.

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